Strategies For Closely-Held Business

You Built Your Business to Stand for Something.

Don't Let Events Knock It Down.

Entrepreneurism and capitalism are the foundations of America's greatness. At every stage of a business, there are strategies to protect the owner's investment and to enhance the firm's growth. For example:

  • Business continuation (buy-sell) that includes normal sale, owner's death, owner's disability, and the effects of divorce.
  • Key-person planning to indemnify a firm against the death or disability of a “rainmaker” or to incentivize that person to remain with the company.
  • Estate and legacy planning, the acknowledgement that one's company is likely their most valuable asset for themselves and for future dependents.
  • Benefits planning is crucial to attract and to retain high-quality employees. Group medical, disability, and life insurance can be powerful “golden handcuffs”.