Strategies For Government Employees

Coordinate Your Federal Benefits to Enhance Your Financial Wellbeing.


Highly-qualified employees are vital to the effective operation of governmental agencies and programs. Civil service can be demanding and it is extremely sensitive to budget and political pressures. To attract and maintain a talented workforce, our federal and state governments must offer outstanding benefit packages.

That which is good by design becomes better through understanding and application. That's where Robson Financial Legacies, LLC, can be a useful tool for government employees. As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant, ChFEBCsm, Pat Robson has extensive training in the workings of federal annuities, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Voluntary Contribution Plan (VCP), Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), long-term care, Social Security, Medicare, and numerous programs to benefit federal employees. It's applied knowledge that helps government employees to customize their benefits for maximum effectiveness.